Bread to cheer me up

A personal post tonight.

I been in sort of a rut lately. Personal stuff. I would hesitate to call it depression, if I did it would only be the garden variety. Calling it anything more would be an insult to people suffering from the real deal.

If it was caused by things I could fix (or at least mitigate) then I would be doing something about them. In my experience distracting yourself from problems you can fix leads to more trouble down the line. But it's not unfortunately.

So as the title states I plan to make some bread tomorrow night. I already added chocolate chips and raisins to my shopping list and I plan to make probably three or four big loaves with different flavors.

Can't have too much bread in the freezer and multiple loaves decreases the work to bread ratio. Besides cooking is always more rewarding when you plan to drop some off with family or friends.

I'm not exactly sure there's a moral to this post. Aside from me getting thoughts off my chest as a pseudonymous internet user. If there is it would probably be to try plan something if you're in a rut. Especially if you don't have a specific reason or do but can't do much about it.

If you can make your situation better then just a distraction is probably not ideal but an accomplishment of some form from cleaning to a walk has always been good for my mind. Same goes for a post like this I guess.

Hope you're all doing well internet strangers.

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