Civil Pseudonymous Speech is good

This is an addendum to my previous post philosophy of my alt.

Pseudonymous discussions have played a significant role in shaping the society we live in today. In earlier times, anonymous pamphlets, coffee shops, and taverns were bustling hubs of intellectual discourse, where people discussed everything under the sun. These conversations led massive societal changes and the overthrowing of many kings.

All manor of fun hyjinks

Fortunately there aren't kings to overthrow at the moment. However pseudonymous speech continues to hold value in today's world. I recall all the large platforms banning individuals for expressing ideas that were later endorsed by the government (example: the lab leak theory).

There are increasing instances of harassment and doxing on both sides of the political spectrum. Strict laws concerning speech and expression are also being enacted across Europe as the world's tensions continue to rise.

Also the life expectancy of a Russian or Chinese journalist is not the highest.

I still believe psudononymous speech has value today. This does not mean one should be an ass and the worse should be shunned to their respective corners like Gab and Tanky Mastodon instances. But it's still important to be able to discuss all manor of things. That's yet another philosophy behind using my alt/pseudonym.

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