Gen Z doesn't understand file systems

Gen Z doesn't understand file systems – Futurism

I may be 2 ½ years late to comment on this #news article but I thought it was worth a share after reading it more recently. It's as the title says, apparently a large number of Gen Z doesn't have a good grasp on aspects of #tech including how file systems work.

You're reading this on Activity Pub so regardless of your age I take it you understand how a file system works. But I didn't post this so we could feel superior or laugh at zoomers. Okay maybe a little bit. 😂😂😂

Outside of laughing and smugness it is a sign #technology is getting better. I can't do a complex repair on my car. Older generations could because their cars would break down a lot and they had to fix them. My car can go tens of thousands of miles with nothing but an oil change or three.

With that the article can be viewed in a positive light. Not everybody has the time or capacity to dive deep into technology. If better technology makes the hard stuff easy and the easy stuff effortless then we have gained something as a society.

Still it is probably good to understand the basics. I can also imagine none of us want a future when an entire generation can't do anything beyond install an app like TikTok that's been approved by our duel technocratic overlords Apple and Google.

Even the basics like knowing how to install an Android app outside of Google Play* or editing privacy settings would be a good thing to know. And being on the fediverse I assume that we all want to see it and similar technology grow.

And if people don't know what a file system is I doubt they can wrap their heads around a decentralized protocol with relays and asymmetric encryption.

So know that you've heard my ramblings what are your thoughts on the matter?

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