More charitably, I’m going to try to be an internet philosopher.

Less charitably, I’m going to be the person sharing unprompted #opinions on things on the internet. I wanted to start this here to share my thoughts on whatever I think about late at night.

I’m on’s Writefreely instance and on Nostr. #Writefreely is on the #fediverse and is great for longer form content with formatting and provides the #blog stuff like an RSS feed. #Nostr can work with long form and microblogging but is mostly plain text instead of a more complete blogging platform.

If you want to follow me either would work. Writefreely on ActivityPub or rss will have all my long form content. Nostr at or npub will have my short form content and unformatted long form content or links to me Writefreely posts.

My goals here are to have an outlet for my thoughts and to help me fully formulate them. It’s a bonus if people enjoy reading them or they spur a discussion.

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