My least favorite thing about thread's federation

I promised to complain about threads too and I keep my promises.

Threads isn't actually federated right now but is testing allowing developers' accounts to output their posts into the #fediverse. No data is coming in from the fediverse (yet).

In this time they have already begun to block various activity pub platforms.

Though not Nostradamus I see threads blocking a very large swath of the fediverse. In fact I would half expect them to defederate with any small instance that has 1 or more posts that violates threads's tos.

They already said that a chronological view is dangerous to their users.. They don't seem too open or forgiving.

I don't care about much else because I don't care much about using threads. Only interest here is how the #threads #federation goes down.

Original Post: Blocking threads seems pointless, even if Meta is an asshole

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