Pigs are flying and I'm defending Google

Just heard another person share the semi recent incognito lawsuit Google settled and I'm going to do some complaining.

In the event you somehow made it to the fediverse or nostr without knowing: an incognito window allows you to browse the internet without saving cookies or history after you close the tab. It also does not use existing cookies saved from previous sessions.

What your browser cannot do, however, is hack into a server or ISP to change how it operates. Anything outside of that like IP logging is unaffected and cookies are still provided to your browser even if they are discarded when the window is closed.

This is was indicated by both the incognito page and in addition to being a fairly simple concept. I get that not everybody is interested in tech but what I'm really worried to see is the fact that Google was liable to the tune of $5bn because people didn't know what they were using.

I half expect to see another lawsuit against Google demanding $5bn because people bought Chromebooks and can't run Windows software.

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