An impopular opinion (maybe?)

We shouldn't live in a world where we're afraid of AI stealing our jobs or fighting against it. What we should be fighting for and focusing our efforts on is improving our working conditions, especially in the IT sector. It's clear that AI will be able to produce drafts for almost everything we do today, leaving us with the task of improving and reviewing those drafts. This is not a bad thing, on the contrary.

And that's where our real fight comes in: people should WORK LESS. It's not a question of having 10 analysts working 44 hours today and 3 analysts working 60 hours tomorrow (because AI has “stolen” those 7 jobs).

We should fight to have 10 analysts working 30 hours. We should fight to have time to be creative, to be with our families, to play sports, video games, watch movies, and read. Work is not the end goal of our species, capitalism is not the final system for humanity; this system is not the end of history; we should not fight to maintain it, we should fight to overcome it, work less, earn more, and use AI every day to improve our lives.

Fighting against AI is fruitless, we have to fight for AI to be an ally of workers and people, not of companies and billionaires.