Don't worry with IA. Yet.

Why? Because an artificial intelligence cannot write an article? Because it cannot capture (yet?) how fluent and natural human writing is. Perhaps we're facing a scenario where AI is still not good enough to be threatening but useful as a tool. Maybe. However, reading the text below, for which I requested a summary of the article “The End of Retirement,” you can perceive that the writing is mechanical. Perhaps this may serve for writing technical articles, documentation, low-budget marketing pieces, or articles crafted to please Google's SEO. It's possible. But to be read by a human, it's not possible. Not yet.


I read a very interesting article on The Walrus website discussing the challenges of retirement in Canada amid economic, social, and demographic changes. The article, authored by journalist Cathrin Bradbury, who retired after forty years in the profession, found herself facing uncertain and stressful financial circumstances.

She explains that the social contract ensuring a comfortable and deserved retirement for previous generations is unraveling due to declining birth rates, increased life expectancy, market instability, job precarity, and inadequate pension plans. Quoting experts, she highlights that the concept of retirement as a period of leisure and rest after a working life is relatively recent and might be becoming outdated. Many retirees, she reports, are returning to work either out of financial necessity or to seek purpose and identity. She questions whether retirement is truly a right or a privilege and whether people are prepared to face the challenges of a longer and uncertain life. She concludes that retirement is no longer a guaranteed dream but a personal and risky choice, dependent on various factors and requiring planning and adaptation.

I found the article enlightening and thought-provoking, prompting me to contemplate my own future. What about you? What are your thoughts on retirement? Do you have any plans or expectations? Do you believe the current model is fair and sustainable? Share your comments, and let's discuss this crucial topic.

Source: The End of Retirement