My two cents about the BR tech sites

Inspired by this post from Rodrigo Ghedin on Manual do Usuário, I’ll provide an overview of my perception of the BR tech scene. I’m not a YouTube guy, so I’ll focus on the blog aspects of each one.

First, I have to say that in my youth, when Carlos Cardoso began to establish himself as the country’s first “Problogger,” I followed various technology sites and engaged with their communities, so I can say I have a lot of expertise with the “nerd herd” in Brazil. The list below summarizes my experience with these sites from the early 2000s until 2018/19 (more or less).

Note: All these sites had or have their associated “nerd” podcast. For me, this goes beyond quality (they cater to an audience); it’s a matter of maturity. After 35/40 years, one expects more depth and a less frantic pace of reading and consumption. This reflects my relationship with almost all Brazilian internet places (Jovem Nerd, RapaduraCast, B9, Tecnoblog, ½ bit, etc.). Sometimes, we get older and more demanding.

Sometimes, we just get older and more demanding =P