The new monarchy

A while back, when it was said that anarcho-capitalism was the new feudalism, a lone voice spoke up and said no, that feudalism had more merit than the current neoliberal-ancap system, and that, given the hereditary characteristics of the liberal system, what most closely resembles our system historically is monarchy. It wasn't me who said this, but I agree. Let's evaluate the list of Brazilian billionaires from FORBES by grouping them by families and adding up their wealth.

Moreira Salles family

Fernando Roberto Moreira Salles: US$ 7.6 billion

Pedro Moreira Salles: US$ 7.1 billion

João Moreira Salles: US$ 5.3 billion

Walther Moreira Salles Junior: US$ 5.3 billion

Total: US$ 25.3 billion

Batista family

Joesley Batista: US$ 3.3 billion

Wesley Batista: US$ 3.3 billion

Total: US$ 6.6 billion

Marinho family

João Roberto Marinho: US$ 2.1 billion

José Roberto Marinho: US$ 2.1 billion

Roberto Irineu Marinho: US$ 2 billion

Total: US$ 6.2 billion

Feffer family

David Feffer: US$ 1.6 billion

Jose Roberto Ermirio de Moraes: US$ 1.5 billion

Jose Ermirio de Moraes Neto: US$ 1.5 billion

Daniel Feffer: US$ 1.5 billion

Jorge Feffer: US$ 1.5 billion

Ruben Feffer: US$ 1.5 billion

Total: US$ 9.1 billion

Grendene Bartelle family

Alexandre Grendene Bartelle: US$ 2.6 billion

Pedro Grendene Bartelle: US$ 1.1 billion

Total: US$ 3.7 billion

Voigt family

Eduardo Voigt Schwartz: US$ 1.3 billion

Mariana Voigt Schwartz Gomes: US$ 1.3 billion

Livia Voigt: US$ 1.1 billion

Dora Voigt de Assis: US$ 1.1 billion

Total: US$ 4.8 billion

The distribution of wealth among Brazilian billionaires is a slap in the face to the course-selling coaches (not that they care about it). It's surreal to see so much money in the hands of so few, while the majority struggle to get by. From a Marxist-Leninist perspective, this mountain of money that the billionaires have is the result of the exploitation of workers. The people who do the hard work receive a pittance of what they actually produce, and the rest goes into the pockets of big business owners. This creates an abyss between those who work and those who hold the capital, keeping the exploitation machine running at full steam.

This concentration of wealth with a few individuals with German-sounding surnames is a clear sign that late capitalism has reached that point where either we have a revolution or we're going to die melting on Earth while they head off to space (literally).

It's not just a matter of money, but also of power. The billionaires have a huge influence on the economy and politics, using it to keep things the way they like.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but it's a train.