Why the tech media taste all the same?

Technology essentially refers to any tool designed to enhance a task and our lives. Examples include blackboards, chalk, and the wheel.

For a more detailed analysis, it is proposed to segment the market into technological subsets: computational technology (phones, computers, televisions, peripherals); social technology (technological influence on society, our relationship with it, the impact of algorithms); automotive technology; and market technology (Musk, B3, NASDAQ, cryptocurrencies).

This segmentation is already applied in various areas of human knowledge. It may be beneficial to adopt it in the technological field as well.

My concern is not with generalist sites like Verge or 404, but with those formatted exclusively for Google SEO.

I am particularly interested in how Google, especially through its search engine and YouTube, has influenced post-2010 society in political, educational, entertainment, and consumption aspects. Google's influence over the last 14 years is noteworthy, as is that of Facebook and WhatsApp, especially in Brazil and India.

Discussing the social implications of technology, in my view, is more relevant than focusing solely on products like iPhone, Android, or macOS. However, I recognize the need to adapt to the market and to the demands of the algorithm or target audience. Initiatives like Ghedin's and MdU's, which separate these topics into Órbita, are commendable, offering a complementary perspective to the distinct discussions found on platforms like Felipe Deschamps' TabNews.

In summary, considering the ubiquity of technology in society, it is vital to develop specific fields of study to analyze it from a theoretical and well-founded perspective.