General Info

Country: Slovakia | Language: Slovak (or Slovakian) | Currency: EURO (EUR) | Flag: 🇸🇰 | When visited: May 2024, July 2023


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🚗 How to commute

The best and cheapest way to reach the city centre from the Airport is the bus #61 that operates around the clock and connects the Airport with the Central Railway Station. From the Main Railway Station and around the city, one can easily commute with public transport (buses and trams). Tickets could be bought via the dedicated automat at each stop (but you'll need coins, though!). If you are travelling to Bratislava from Vienna, then you can either use a direct train or intercity bus, for example, Flixbus. A ride will take 1,5-2 hours and is pretty cheap (less than 10 EUR one way). 0 0

🏨 Where to stay

Considering the fact that accommodation prices are pretty similar in Bratislava and Vienna (sometimes Vienna is even cheaper!), you won't necessarily stay in Bratislava :) But if you still want to do it, I'd highly recommend the “Crowne Plaza Bratislava” IHG Hotel, which is located centrally, serves amazing and tasty breakfast, and has a lovely inner terrace. In comparison to other accommodations, it's even not that expensive as one can think from the 1st sight. 1 1 1

🍽️ What and where to eat

I won't say that there is something incredible about the Bratislava's food options and cuisine :) Traditional Slovak food is pretty simple and include a lot of soups, dishes with potato, meat, and vegetables. They also use cheese a lot, and even have some fun vending machines with various sorts of cheese called “Syromat” around the city :) Of course, there are multiple cafés and restaurants, from locals as well as global chains, to choose from. And it's interesting that in Bratislava there are many small restaurants serving some traditional food from all over the world! 2

Some highlights include: -Panzerotto a lovely place with incredibly tasty Apulia dishes and super friendly owner. Though it's located pretty central, it has a lovely and quiet small garden. 2 2

-Peklo is a pretty old restaurant, located in one of the oldest districts called “Rača”, and serving super tasty traditional local food and pizzas. Prices here are also super friendly and portions are generous. 2 2 2

-Emil is a small café in the city centre, near the Bratislava City Gallery. Here one can enjoy some snacks (they serve super tasty toasts with cheese!) and coffee with a beautiful view over an old building. 2

-Bratislavslka Pekaren here you won't be able to sit and eat, but can buy tasty fresh pastry and enjoy the beautiful authentic interior of the place! 2 2

-Café Dias just a simple small café with great coffee, snacks, and cakes. The cool thing about this place, is that it's located just in the entrance of the book store and one can enjoy great coffee with a great book :)

👀 What to do and what to see

💡 Some highlights