🔗 Lived experience of men with ME/CFS

Takeaway messages

  • There is a lack of research considering ME/CFS in men, and as will be expected, for ME/CFS, much of the research published to date focuses on women. Therefore, a study, published in July 2023, which considered the experience of men living with “CFS” is of particular interest.
  • 5 men with “a medical diagnosis of CFS” were interviewed about their experience prior to, during, and after obtaining their diagnosis were interviewed and found the negative impact that the idea of “masculinity” had on them based on 6 themes ranging from “Perceptions of healthcare inequality” to “Challenges to masculinity”.
  • The study also gave an insight into some of the ways in which the support available for men with ME/CFS should be developed and improved, and clearly identifies that more research is needed to better understand ME/CFS in men.
  • Much more research is needed to better understand the experience of ME/CFS in men, identify barriers to care and support, and to better educate health professionals.

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