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🔗 Firefox for Android with more extensions available

Today, Mozilla announced more than 450 new extensions (software that adds new features or functionality to the browser) to users on Firefox for Android at Mozilla’s (AMO) Android page. This milestone marks the launch of a new open extension ecosystem on mobile where developers are now free to create and publish extensions and users can easily access and install them on Firefox for Android.

I'm excited about this.

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The company was founded in 1918 when Vincent Bach decided to combine his music and engineering knowledge. In this video, you'll be able to peek behind the curtain on the manufacturing process of these instruments.

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🔗 Lived experience of men with ME/CFS

Takeaway messages

  • There is a lack of research considering ME/CFS in men, and as will be expected, for ME/CFS, much of the research published to date focuses on women. Therefore, a study, published in July 2023, which considered the experience of men living with “CFS” is of particular interest.
  • 5 men with “a medical diagnosis of CFS” were interviewed about their experience prior to, during, and after obtaining their diagnosis were interviewed and found the negative impact that the idea of “masculinity” had on them based on 6 themes ranging from “Perceptions of healthcare inequality” to “Challenges to masculinity”.
  • The study also gave an insight into some of the ways in which the support available for men with ME/CFS should be developed and improved, and clearly identifies that more research is needed to better understand ME/CFS in men.
  • Much more research is needed to better understand the experience of ME/CFS in men, identify barriers to care and support, and to better educate health professionals.

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As YouTube continues to go down the enshitification path, now blocking users with adblockers from watching videos after playing three, I found an extremely useful extension to remove some of the crap: LibRedirect. LibRedirect redirects, automatically or on-demand, YouTube links to privacy-friendly frontends. It also works with other services, like TikTok, Twitter, Medium, etc.

To check all supported services and download the extension to your browser, check the project's website.

#Youtube #Firefox #Chromium #Extension #LibeRedirect #Enshitification #Privacy

🔗 Kanha – A web-app pentesting suite written in rust 🦀


Kanha is a tool that can help you perform, a variety of attacks based on the target domain . With just kanha you can do, Fuzzing, Reverse dns lookup, common http response, subdomain takeover detection and many more.

#Rust #Security #PenTest

🔗 The Honeypot Diaries: Thousands of Daily Attacks on My Home Network

About a year ago, I set up some honeypots on my home network, laying out digital mousetraps for bots.

At first, I didn't believe it—thousands of attacks hammer my unremarkable home network daily. I am not a bank, nor on a government facility, but just a random Joe Schmoe's home router.

#Security #Internet

📽️ Stop Using Tor With VPNs

🔗 Here’s What It Was like to Build a Website in the 90s

Building a website in those days was undeniably different. The web design industry was nascent – if it existed at all. Standards and best practices were still years away. Web designers had to adapt existing tools for this new medium.

We made a lot of mistakes. But that’s OK. The lessons learned in that era have brought us to the present.

#WebDev #Internet

🔗 QX82

QX82 is an open-source Javascript engine that allows you to create with the look and feel of a retro 80s computer.

Screenshot from a demo from the project

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