Link Dump 2024/02/05 | Stuff Worth Reading & Watching

A compilation of all links I shared over the last couple of months. Each is sorted by the date I posted it unless it's an update to something.

I would consider each worth checking out.

Blog Posts * Is materialism really such a bad thing? * Why the tech media taste all the same? * Making a PDF that’s larger than Germany * App Defaults

News Articles * We Aren’t Posting on Social Media as Much Anymore. Will We Ever? * GEN Z KIDS APPARENTLY DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW FILE SYSTEMS WORK * Google agrees to settle $5bn lawsuit claiming it secretly tracked users * Digital herd immunity * YouTube Premium announces 100 million subscribers * YouTube Lets You Sort Videos By Color Now, for Some Reason * ‘They thought they were doing good but it made people worse’: why mental health apps are under scrutiny * AI chatbots tend to choose violence and nuclear strikes in wargames

Videos and Audio * Somebody Got Arrested * ^ statement from friendlyjordies * Rendezvous with Rama Abridged Audiobook * drowning in entertainment: the age of distraction * The biggest challenge to walled gardens yet

Other * Remote user impersonation and takeover

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