Our new BookWyrm test-instance


The evaluation period has completed. The instance will stay.

Say hi to a new and exciting service at tchncs.de – well – for now. :)

Due to previous mistakes, I have decided to declare testing-periodes for new services, before they will be added to the portfolio long-term. In this case i went with one month, meaning until April 6th '23.

BookWyrm makes a good first impression and was highly voted for in our new survey. You can track, rate, discuss and share books you are reading. It even is possible to link sources of books. All this while being part of the fediverse like Mastodon!

Sounds great? Wonderful:

I have requested an invite but received no email!?

Please give me some time to review requests and send invites. BookWyrm does not send an email until the actual invite. If it takes multiple days, please contact me directly or check your spam. 😇

How final is this setup?

Well it looks fine so far but is fairly fresh and since it is not a simple Docker install, it is possible that there are small mistakes that still need fixing. Note that bookwyrm.social appears to be very slow right now, which causes book imports to fail (if you use this domain as a source. there are more options!).

What if it does not qualify during testing?

In that case, I will give users enough time to look for a new instance and publish an announcement on the instance, as well as on this article.

What if it does qualify?

In that case ... well ... it will just continue running and descriptions will be updated accordingly.

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