News about the service.

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Known issues

  • Speedtest not yet implemented
  • Metrics not yet implemented (affects you in the sense of: to see whether it's annoying to you if i restart the service)
  • Protocol PDF export only works from within the pad
  • Recordings can't be made available yet (waiting for upstream), the menuentry will not work
  • no proper Email support yet
  • phone calls feature not addressed yet, but planned

Login / signup

OpenTalks authentication service (Keycloak) is connected to our authentication server (Zitadel). Please use the button mentioning Zitadel and go from there. The loginform above that button will NOT work. That's because having two independant auth providers feels ... wrong and Keycloak is required for OpenTalk.

About this instance

Due to the complexity of OpenTalk, this instance derivates off of their official “lite” Docker example. It adds a number of services, trying to reach an as complete as possible experience. As of the time of writing, this is still in progress and a few more restarts are to be expected in order to apply new settings and stuff.

Maintenance window: because it doesn't make sense to restart all the time while you are trying to give it a fair test, I will try to apply new settings only between 5-9pm CET. (see below)

This instance is categorized as “playground mode”. Its purpose is to evaluate whether it is feasable to keep it long-term. This also means that you still are more than welcome to use and test it, because software that is not used by anybody can't be tested/evaluated properly.

Playground mode window: This service will be evaluated until mid of June 2023

About OpenTalk

tba (irrational happy “Rust” noises)

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Say hi to a new and exciting service at – well – for now. :)

Due to previous mistakes, I have decided to declare testing-periodes for new services, before they will be added to the portfolio long-term. In this case i went with one month, meaning until April 6th '23.

BookWyrm makes a good first impression and was highly voted for in our new survey. You can track, rate, discuss and share books you are reading. It even is possible to link sources of books. All this while being part of the fediverse like Mastodon!

Sounds great? Wonderful:

I have requested an invite but received no email!?

Please give me some time to review requests and send invites. BookWyrm does not send an email until the actual invite. If it takes multiple days, please contact me directly or check your spam. 😇

How final is this setup?

Well it looks fine so far but is fairly fresh and since it is not a simple Docker install, it is possible that there are small mistakes that still need fixing. Note that appears to be very slow right now, which causes book imports to fail (if you use this domain as a source. there are more options!).

What if it does not qualify during testing?

In that case, I will give users enough time to look for a new instance and publish an announcement on the instance, as well as on this article.

What if it does qualify?

In that case ... well ... it will just continue running and descriptions will be updated accordingly.

#tchncs #bookwyrm #playground

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Started december 20, 8:30p CET, videos of the tchncs PeerTube instance are moving to a new, more flexible home. At the time of writing, we are at over 5.5 TB of video storage.

Status updates

  • Dec 31, 4p: The remaining issue is a compatibility problem with permissions set by PeerTube to the storage objects. A few videos are failing to be moved to remote storage (they fail at the last step but files are in fact moved successfully usually). You can play around with resolution to work around playback issues or try to reupload the video if it's urgent. Here is the bugreport to the issue. I am not sure why some videos work and some don't.
  • Dec 29, 5p: A problem with the media proxy-server was identified. As a result, the machine is no longer starving of available bandwidth. This results in smoooother playback and overall better instance snappiness.
  • Dec 28, 5p: First round done, re-initiated migration to catch and transfer failed videos due to flaky old storage backend
  • Dec 26, 10a: 4.9 TB of 5.5+ TB

Benefits of the new location

  • higher availability and overall reliability: the old network storage became unavailable from time to time over the years, sometimes outages, sometimes maintenances.
  • scalability: the network storage drive has a maximum amount of storage you can rent. The new storage will not have such a restriction.
  • redundancy: the storage can (easier) be replicated to a different location

Challenges / known migration issues

  • hidden videos: it appears that PeerTube hides videos that are pending migration
  • videos that failed to move: it appears that the network storage became even more unreliable during the migration. This in turn appears to cause video moving to fail from time to time. These videos will remain hidden. I will try to reinvoke the migration when the queue of pending videos to move is empty.

All it takes is patience

As of right now, there is no reason to worry. Everything is under control, but the process will still take a couple of days. Please be patient. 😇


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