Our new OpenTalk test-instance

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Known issues

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OpenTalks authentication service (Keycloak) is connected to our authentication server (Zitadel). Until recently, you had to make sure to use the button below the login form, now it is hidden with CSS. Please remember that your accountname ends with @tchncs.de.

About this instance

Due to the complexity of OpenTalk, this instance derivates off of their official “lite” Docker example. It adds a number of services, trying to reach an as complete as possible experience. As of the time of writing, this is still in progress and a few more restarts are to be expected in order to apply new settings and stuff.

Maintenance window: because it doesn't make sense to restart all the time while you are trying to give it a fair test, I will try to apply new settings only between 5-9pm CET. (see below)

This instance is categorized as “playground mode”. Its purpose is to evaluate whether it is feasable to keep it long-term. This also means that you still are more than welcome to use and test it, because software that is not used by anybody can't be tested/evaluated properly.

Playground mode window: This service will be evaluated until mid of June 2023

About OpenTalk

tba (irrational happy “Rust” noises)

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