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WriteFreely is a welcoming home for blogging and reading with minimal distractions. You will soon learn and appreciate how much this interface wants you to blog something. Also there are apps!

This is an addition to our more feature-rich, but not actively maintained Plume instance. Check it out if you are curious.


  1. be nice to reach other
  2. you must not publish commercial content without reaching out first
  3. this is no place for spreading conspiracy myths
  4. do not publish content illegal in Germany and/or France, such as holocaust denial or Nazi symbolism
  5. do not publish content promoting the ideology of National Socialism
  6. do not publish content that is hateful towards specific individuals or groups, or intended to cause or incite harm

You can find a long version of these rules over at Mastodon.


tchncs is a friendly public hoster with an inventory of nice – often decentralized – opensource-software. It is run by an individual and in germany. You can support it with your kind donation.


tchncs is home to 8,774 articles across 6,557 blogs.

About WriteFreely

WriteFreely is a self-hosted, decentralized blogging platform for publishing beautiful, simple blogs.

It lets you publish a single blog, or host a community of writers who can create multiple blogs under one account. You can also enable federation, which allows people in the fediverse to follow your blog, bookmark your posts, and share them with others.